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Chicago Illusions' Latex Fetish Party Part 1


By Miss Reyna

Chicago Illusions' Latex Fetish Party Part 1: The Discovery of my latex fetish

I have just had the most incredible, intense experience, and all I can do now is go over it in my mind again and again.  Now I must tell you all about it—or I’m afraid the thought of it will never leave my head. Perhaps sharing this fantastical story with you will help it seem more real to me…this thing, this fetish of latex I thought would only ever exist as a fantasy for me.

Let me start by telling you that I’ve long had a fascination with latex and rubber and the skin-tight effect of garments made of it. A small, latex thong is the only latex garment I was ever able to own as it’s the only thing I could keep hold of discreetly. Wearing latex in secret (as titillating as having a sexy secret can be…) never really satisfied me though. I began searching online for ways to explore this fetish and maybe even a partner to explore it with. Then I found them…the Ladies of Chicago Illusions.

My heart began to race and my palms sweat with excitement as I read more about  Chicago Illusions and their local latex parties  and private events. I will admit…I became so excited that I reached over to the bottom drawer of my desk and dug around impatiently for my favorite latex toy…a shiny, latex butt plug that filled me with pleasure and, in combination with the photos of the gorgeous women clad in skin-tight latex, made me climax almost instantly upon pushing it inside of me.

Several weeks later after an excruciating wait, it was finally time to meet the Ladies of Chicago Illusions, and I could hardly contain my excitement. My full, latex outfit was ready, and I savored every aspect of putting it all together and on… Pulling the long, black, shiny latex stockings onto my feet, up my ankles, over my knees, and finally snapping them snuggly onto my thighs was a delicious experience in and of itself. In combination with the short, latex mini-skirt, crop top and hood, I was in ecstasy already, and I hadn’t even arrived at the dungeon yet.

To be continued….

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