Delve into the minds of our Ladies...

The impact of your smoking fetish


By Miss Anonymous

It's about time you’re ready for me to corrupt you and use you. As you wait on your knees, your mind racing, I walk in slowly with a pack of cigarettes in hand. As I stand above you, I bring a cigarette up to my ruby lips. I bend down and look seductively into your eyes as I give you the privilege of giving me a light. Your hands tremble as you bring the lighter up toward my hypnotizing face. I stand up and walk around you, my powerful high heels are loud and intimidating with each and every step. I whisper something in your ear very quietly as I exhale delicate tendrils of smoke into your face, "You are mine do with whatever I desire." Instantly exciting you, I now have you thinking of all the possibilities of what I could do to you. I'm going to open you up into a whole new world of your unknown submission. Perhaps I'll have you lick my black, shiny boots clean and earn the privilege of worshiping my feet. Or maybe I'll just tie you up very tight and... I’ll save the rest for when I see you face-to-face.

I'm the one in control, you are just here to entertain me. What are you waiting for?