BDSM & Fetish


It's all about you.


Your fantasy is our reality
(and your discretion is always our priority.)

Please Note: We do not offer any escort, massage or prostitution services.

Our services include:

(but are certainly not limited to)...

Therapeutic BDSM

Dommassage -The perfect introduction to the Lifestyle!

Tease and denial

HypnoDomme/Mind Control

Confession sessions

Sensual Domination

Sensory Deprivation

Foot Worship/Foot Fetish


Weight Loss/Fitness Programs

BDSM Basics

submissive Training

Female Supremacy/Goddess Worship

submissive/Switch Sessions

Couples Sessions

Impact Play (Spanking/Whipping/Flogging /Caning)

Corporal BDSM Sessions

TPE (Total Power Exchange)





Personal Servitude

House Slave Training

Domestic Servitude

Sensual BDSM Play

Erotic Teasing/Tease & Denial

Body Worship

Foot Worship/Foot Fetish


Competitive/Erotic Wrestling


Cross-dressing (check our Crossdressing page for more)

Full Transformations

Forced Feminization

Sissy/slut Training

Forced bi


AT/OT/SO play

Fantasy Role-Play

Medical Play

Student/Teacher Fantasy

Custom Role-play Sessions

Edge Play

Breath Play (Face smothering)

Electrical Play/E-stim & Tens Unit

Urethral Sounding


Chastity Training


(we love all fetish play here, but below are a few of our Ladies’ personal favorites)

Pet Play / Pony Play

Adult Baby Fetish

CFNM Fetish

Toilet Training/FTT

Splosh Play / Messy Play

Latex Fetish Play

Tickle Fetish

Tickle Torture


Our World has many paths. Each one can lead to another. Like journeying on an intricate, fine web, you can be taken from one path to the next and back again. Listed above is only the beginning of the possibilities you may explore when you visit Illusions.

All play is safe, sane and consensual.

Discretion and safety are paramount.