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Body Worship 101 Chicago Illusions' Miss Reyna

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Body Worship 101

By Miss Reyna

For Mistresses such as myself, there are very few things that provide as much pleasure as body worship executed properly by an eager, yet disciplined submissive. Allow me to take you into one of my sessions where I will show you what it feels…sounds…and even tastes like to worship a Goddess’ body to full effect… :

I enter the room, and you are already anticipating my arrival. You are kneeling on the lacquered, wooden floor, eyes cast downward…possibly in respect for my Dominance over you or perhaps even in fear or hesitation in becoming overly excited. I’ll soon find out as we get to know each other’s bodies. For now I can only perceive based on your slightly trembling body and quickening of breath that it is, in fact, that you are overcome with anticipation and therefore the thought of lifting your eyes to me before I address you is too much to bear.

This puts a satisfied smile on my face. You are already doing well.

“You may greet me,” I tell you. You lean forward and gently kiss the toe of my left shoe and then my right one. They are tall, patent leather boots that are shiny, smooth, and cool on your lips. You look up at me, seeking my approval for a proper greeting of a Mistress. I look directly into your eyes and smile, nodding before I walk over to the big, leather bed in its four-poster metal frame and take my seat at its edge. I lean my head back and stretch out my neck, letting my hair fall softly past my shoulders and along my back…fully aware that you are watching me, waiting for instruction.

“Come here, on your knees,” I demand, though somewhat quietly; I don’t see a need to reprimand or chastise you (yet).

You crawl over to where I’m seated at the edge of the bed, and I tell you to unlace and remove my boots. You do so, carefully and slowly so as not to damage my boots nor rush the exquisite feeling you get from releasing my feet from the leather. The soft pressure giving way to the slip of the loosened boots over my pantyhose-encased feet is fluid…sensual…and evocative of another kind of release of pressure…

“Stop,” I tell you curtly. You start as you snap back to reality and realize how lost you had become in sensation. The price you will pay for losing focus is up to me. Of course, becoming absorbed with feeling and sensation are not bad things—it is, in fact, one of my goals as a Mistress…to take you completely out of your head and into the world of feeling and the body. However, I want this to be in my control and at my discretion; you haven’t yet earned that pleasure. So, I decide, you will spend the next ten minutes polishing my boots. I explain this to you, and you go to work with the supplies found under the bed, cleaning and polishing to my satisfaction.

“Now,” I say, “I know you will remember to stay focused with me this time.” Out of nowhere, I grab your hands and bring them to my bare feet.

“Touch,” I say.

The quickness with which I had snatched your hands and pressed them to my body surprises you, and actually leads you to wonder whether I am also becoming impatient and anxious for your touch on my skin. You slowly stroke my feet, feeling the silky, soft pantyhose stretched tight over my feet and ankles. Your hands slide slowly up each leg and you increase your pressure, massaging—worshipping—my legs.

You are doing well once again, and you will be rewarded.

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