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Chastity Training for My Pain Slut 

By Miss Anonymous

I walk into the room, and you are down on your knees on the floor looking as pathetic as ever. 

The sight excites me. There you are, a piece of flesh for me to punish and control as I see fit. I am a paradise of pleasure and pain, and I demand your total submission to receive my gifts. 

You look up at me and your neck is bent almost at a 90-degree angle in order to take in my 6’6” form. Your lip quivers as you ask permission to greet me. I do not grant you this privilege, for you are nothing. You will always be nothing until I make you something, and today I am going to make you my pain slut. 

I look down at your pathetic face, and your eyes shift to the collar in my hand, “Since you are no longer human, you are going to wear  this in my presence. It will remind that you aren't human and that I own you." I put the collar on your neck and attach a leash to it. I take hold of the leash and drag you across the room and over to the spanking bench. 

I tell you to sit. 

Next, I take pieces of plastic out of my bag. "These are parts to a chastity device,” I explain. “It will go around your cock and will be locked with the key around my new ankle bracelet. From now on, you will only release when I allow you to release.” 

I attach it to your cock. I can tell by the way your face twists up that it is tight and painful. Finally, I pull out a paddle and a long, wooden cane. These are fun for me, as I am going to give you pain and therefore myself pleasure with these new toys. 

I walk over to the spanking bench, sit down, and tell you to bend over my knee. 

I pick up the paddle, and I say, “Now remember, slave, after each strike you will count and thank me. Tonight you are going to start with 25 from my paddle and 25 from my cane. You will take it because I want you to, and you will do what I want as I am your Mistress.” 

I slam the paddle into your right cheek making a loud pop followed by a scream, "One! Thank you Mistress,” you respond.

I then slam the paddle into your left cheek followed by a second pop and scream, "Two! Thank you Mistress,” you cry.

I alter between cheeks until you count to 25. Your ass is bright red from the paddle. This is my favorite sight. It’s so red, and I’m only just getting started.

I gently trace my fingers over your ass, admiring my work. This is soothing you a little, and you think I’m taking a break—but I pick up the cane and swing, and it makes a sharp sound as it cuts through the air…

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