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Cuckold Training to Serve a Mistress and Her Bull

By Mistress Eden

You’re a pathetic shadow of a man who has never pleased a woman in his life. You’re unattractive and insignificant. These are simple facts that every woman you encounter detects immediately. You’ve known this from a young age—don’t fight the facts of your sad life! From your unattractive looks, to your meek demeanor and microscopic penis, pleasing a lady in any traditional sense is an impossibility. The idea of you trying and failing brings a wicked smile to my perfect face! What you previously referred to as your male genitals are truly more of a clit, and through serving me you shall realize that.

A man, who is really not much of a man, should be cuckolded.

I will train you to be of use to a beautiful woman and give her pleasure in ways your small mind could never imagine. Perhaps your job will be to prepare your Mistress for her bull… Beginning by pampering and worshiping her until she is in a state of bliss, and craving more than you could ever provide. You will only place your hands on your Mistress’ divine body under specific instructions. Beginning at her feet, you will focus all your energy on her pleasure as she berates you with scathing humiliation. Perhaps your place is literally beneath her body, as a real man explores her in all the ways you are incapable of doing. You are now even less than a man—a simple piece of furniture. Perhaps your job is to excite the bull and clean up all messes... Your Mistress will train you on how to make use of your mouth and hands, since those are the only parts of you remotely adequate for service.

Whatever your purpose is, your Mistress will bring it out of you to the fullest extent, and you will savor every delicious moment. Being a cuckold to a powerful woman is the only way you will ever experience pleasure. Embracing this is your freedom.