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1950s Housewife Role-Play with Miss Reyna


What's sexier than the idea of a prim and proper, perfectly dressed and well-mannered woman revealing her naughty side...? That naughty, 1950s housewife with a smile on her face and a wicked twinkle in her eye has been my inspiration for as long as I can remember. From reading "The Stepford Wives" by Ira Levin to watching Betty Draper explore her private, little moments of indulgence and curiosity in "Mad Men," these are the women I've been drawn to for erotic creativity. 

In my housewife role-play sessions, instead of the sometimes-intimidating Chicago Dominatrix attire that I do so love as well...I present myself to you as that picture-perfect 1950s woman in a lovely dress, fire engine red lips, and delicately sexy heels. This comforting appearance puts you at ease, so I can then begin to seduce and taunt you...playfully at first, and then more and more Dominantly as I learn what buttons of yours I can push to get a reaction. As that housewife, I get deliciously wicked satisfaction from watching you squirm...! And knowing that I have full control over you, body and mind. 

In our beautiful Chicago dungeon, our Domestic Area (complete with living room, fire place, fully functional kitchen, and bedroom) is where I will set our scene. A homey and familiar setting in which to corrupt you...I will slowly and seductively convince you to do things for me you never thought you'd do in your lifetime! 


To make an appointment for a 1950s role-play session with Miss Reyna, you may inquire further at and call 773-871-6860 to book.