Mistress Tabitha

Mistress Tabitha


Once we say hello it will never be goodbye

My enticing gaze is all it takes to obtain your attention. From that moment on your world has irrevocably changed for the better. My approach is about guiding you and making you grow in the direction of discovery. I teach you things you never knew about yourself and push your limits with my devious demands. I'm confident, controlling and committed to ensuring our precious time together is the fantasy of a lifetime that we can relive over and over by expanding our play each session.

My expectations are high for you and I have faith that you are capable of reaching my standards but only if you can keep up with my wide variety of interests. From French to Hebrew I'll dirty talk to you in any way but my main language is touch. It's all about sensation combined with mental stimulation. From Tantra to toilet training I am the Dominatrix you will depend on. I specialize in everything from cuckolds and CBT to feminization/transformations. I have a sincere desire to explore the darkest depths of your fantasies so we can elevate your mind and body to a whole new spiritual plane. My goal is to gravitate to a level of connectivity unsurpassed by any other while laying down a firm foundation of trust and respect for each other. Convey to me your burning desires and I will realize those dreams right before your very eyes. I know everything you need and I'm going to give it to you when you earn it.

When you come to worship me, make no mistake—I will have my way with you. Naughty is nice in my book so don't be surprised when I smother you with my breasts or tease you with my freshly painted toes after I tie you down and take whatever innocence you have left. When my long luscious locks of red hair tickle and brush across your body, you will shudder in delight at the mysterious nature of my next move. If you're lucky I'll let you find all my tattoos and count my many freckles as you worship your favorite redhead. The fire inside lies right between my creamy thighs and it's just waiting for you to ignite that burning passion within. Mesmerized by my mane of curls you will fall further into sensory bliss as I breathe lightly into your ear about what I have in store that keeps you wanting more. It's clear that I want all of you and what you have to offer. Be not fooled though by my sensual femininity and delicate frame when I dance or sing for you because with a snap of my fingers I'll have you collared on your knees naked and ready to serve me. My insatiable thirst for power can only be quenched by extending total control over my slaves. Whether you're feeling the warmth of my flesh beneath your fingers or the sting of my spanking on your behind, my tantalizing touch will corrupt your skin on a level unsurpassed by any other.

Give in to me and I will be the siren to your senses as I make you scream for more. You have no control when you're under my spell and your undivided attention serves my lust for complete devotion. Don't be surprised by my requests because whether you want to or not, you will prove your obedience, and you will find yourself submitting to my various torture techniques. After intense and rigorous trials of your submission are executed, then you will finally be worthy of my abilities to transform your perversion to passion in the same way that I enhance your pain to make it pleasure. My stern manner of correction allows me to exercise disciplinary measures that go above and beyond what you can fathom or complete alone, because united as one we can complete your life’s mission to be marked by me. As strict as I can be, there's this alternative side that loves to teach tenderly with patience and power. No matter what your fetish or fantasy entails, all walks of life are welcome in our haven.

I will address your needs for both pain and humiliation. You'll be training just as hard to be my sissy slave as you will to stay in shape for me. You better greet me on your knees with a kiss to each foot before you are given the privilege of spoiling me rotten. When I lean my warmth onto you and slide my hand in your back pocket, you'll be trembling with anticipation at the intensity of which I'm about to rape your wallet. You will beg me to make you my cash slave. I am a beautiful woman who deserves pampering from a pathetic pay-pig like you because I know how to spend your money better than you can. Every penny should be sacrificed for my happiness because I am a queen and only deserve the best of what you and your wife’s paycheck have to offer. You will never truly have a woman like me, but you can try with tribute. My expensive taste in fetish lingerie, perfume, cars, candles, and shoes will totally break your bank. You will stand there powerless as I enjoy the luxuries your income will provide. Spending makes me smile because there's no better way to show your appreciation for my attractiveness then providing a blank check. Clear my wish list as punishment for your lust over my petite frame. You can only dream of caressing my curves as you relinquish all of your account information to finance my fun. You're adequately contributing to ensuring that I receive only the highest quality of services as we continue to maintain my beauty regime. As for accessories, diamonds are a girls best friend and if it doesn't sparkle or shine then it's just not good enough for me. It brings me immense joy to see sincere dedication to training and servitude in the House. Practice makes perfect, and what better way to put yourself to use then to be useful to me?

You will crave that connection that extends past our play as you daydream of our endeavors while you're at work or with another. When you think of me, I'm already missing you and imagining all of the possibilities we could bring into existence right now as you dwell about breaking away from the normal and dive into my unconventional atmosphere. Come hold my body close and let me take you away from reality into a whole new exciting realm of quality time. Relinquish yourself to the darker side of your mind and let your ideas flow freely through my actions. Once you open your mind, you can surrender your being to all that I am and all that I can make you into. Allow me to captivate your spirit so we can transcend to a place that only we understand and have created through exploration. As you go about your day living in the fallacies of your dirty mind, remember that your Mistress is here for you, and all your secrets are safe with this enchantress.

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