Mistress Liliana

Mistress Liliana


Join me and find yourself awakening to a world that is different from your everyday mundane routine. My corporal style of total Domination and complete power exchange will transport you into the version of reality that you have only dreamed of. I am stern and unrelenting in my training of both beginners and those already familiar with the BDSM Lifestyle. The more control I extend over you, the more aroused I become, and Dominating you becomes an incredibly erotic experience for me. This is where my skills in the art of Dommassage come into play. Using sensory deprivation and mental Domination techniques, I will bind you body and mind until you are mine completely. From there, we can discover together what your deepest, darkest desires are and how we can bring them to light. 

I rule my subjects with an intense gaze and an iron fist. What’s required of you? Loyalty. Dedication. Obedience. As your queen, I will accept nothing less. Loyal subjects earn my attention and guidance, and as a powerful and wise woman, my attention and guidance are as valuable as gold.

In my supreme, feminine authority there is also a place for compassion just as absolute as my control over you. In the safety of my presence there is no judgement, and you are free to become who you truly are. One of my many passions is facilitating the transformative journey from submissive man to true womanhood. Days spent in our Spa and Salon, working to feminize you with our full range of beauty supplies and extensive wardrobe are true bliss for me. Shaping and molding you into your feminine self is an intense and erotic experience that you will never forget. 

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Mistress Liliana’s Schedule:
Monday: 9:00am-Midnight
Wednesday: 9:00am-Midnight
Friday: 9:00am-4:30pm

Mistress Liliana’s Kinks:

-Corporal submissive training

-Roleplay (medieval, medical, custom-fantasy)

-Foot Worship/Foot Fetish


-Impact Play (spanking, whipping, caning, and more)

-Crossdressing/Feminization/Full Transformation

-Pet Play 


-Tickle Torture/Tickle Fetish

-Smoking Fetish

-Edge Play (e-stim/electrical play, needles, breath play, etc.)

And much more…

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