Miss Reyna


Miss Reyna


As My submissive, you'll always wonder what is in My mind and won't ever know just what to expect. Will you undergo just physical bondage today or will it be mental bondage I ask of you as well? How far are you willing to be pushed, and how far do I desire to push you? Is My mood playful, bright, and mischievous today or dark, pensive, and honed razor-sharp for a new lesson you must learn? All of these questions disappear when I open the door and you see Me impeccably dressed in full lingerie and stiletto boots, My curves illuminated by the hallway candlelight and My full lips set in their near-permanent wicked grin. Reality begins to fade away. All there is now is Mistress, slave, and the energy vibrating between us.

My slaves tell Me they feel like I can read their minds. My powers of intuition ARE strong, yes, but I have no need to read your mind when your body is already telling Me everything I need to know. From the way your eyes instinctively drop to the floor when I enter the room to the tremble in your lips as you lower your mouth to My boots...your physical self is an open book when you present yourself to Me in My domain.

I invite BDSM beginners, those of you who are just beginning to feel the stirrings of your dark desires to join Me as well. One of My strongest, personal fetishes is being someone's "first" at an activity... It excites Me endlessly to slowly and patiently teach and corrupt beginners, expand their sensual horizons, and lead them to these sensations for the first time. It is truly a privilege to introduce you to this Lifestyle I hold so dear.

Offering your submission to Me takes bravery, courage, and above all else, trust. In this sacred space of trust is where play blossoms and evolves. You will find yourself feeling a depth of sensation you didn't know was possible, accomplishing goals you didn't know you had, and living experiences you never knew existed. Under My guidance, you will discover the real you in all your subservient glory! Through Me, you will learn the meaning of this mantra: Pain is pleasure; submission is bliss.

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Miss Reyna's Schedule:
Monday: 9:00am-Midnight Tuesday: 4:30pm-Midnight
Wednesday: 4:30pm-Midnight
Thursday: 9:00am-4:30pm
Sunday: 11am-7pm

*Fridays & Saturday by appointment only—call to reserve Miss Reyna’s time by special request! *

Miss Reyna’s Kinks:

  • Beginners/Novice introduction to BDSM Lifestyle

  • Slave training (domestic servitude, human furniture, and more)

  • Couples sessions (read more here)

  • Bondage

  • Body worship

  • Spanking

  • Foot fetish

  • Feminization (especially full transformations)

  • Role-play (custom scenes available by request)

  • 1950s housewife role-play (read more here)

  • DDlg Fantasy

  • Switch sessions

  • Corruption

  • Humiliation

  • Cuckolding fantasy

  • CBT

  • Edge play (breath play, urethral sounding, needle play, branding, etc.)

  • Smoking fetish

  • Confession sessions

  • Splosh play/messy food fetish

  • And much more...!

If you don’t see your particular kink or area of interest on this list, do not worry; my appetite for new play partners is insatiable, and I will always be passionate about being your guide into the unknown!


Call Miss Reyna: 773-871-6860
Email Miss Reyna:
MissReyna@ChicagoIllusions.com or fill out the contact form below

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