Miss Reyna


Miss Reyna


Welcome to my world of kink and curiosity; I am your guide here. Your only task is to get yourself to our door, and the rest is taken care of by me. Step foot inside the warm, glowing sanctuary of our facility and let the real world close its doors behind you. Our space is permissive. Free of repercussions. Without judgment. Safe. 

Though I have always been kinky, strange, different, indulgent, sensual…it’s for the past three years at Chicago Illusions that I have found my purpose in guiding individuals and couples in exploring their deepest, darkest desires. At the core of my Lifestyle is my passion for facilitating fantasies, so I play across a broad range of BDSM activities and styles from sensual Domination to corporal submissive training; from light-hearted role-play sessions to deep, dark confession sessions; from edge play and taboo fetish indulgence to beginner’s bondage and spanking. It’s my passion and my calling to show those who enter here just how good it can feel to let go and be totally and unapologetically you

I live BDSM with a balance of pure passion and intellectual curiosity. My academic mindset toward fetish is driven by my lifelong desire to learn. I am a Mistress who is constantly learning new things both in sessions and outside of them. This gives my clients a dynamic experience in working with me. I commit your intricacies, insecurities, and idiosyncrasies to memory, but I will never let presuppositions rule our time together. Your sessions with me will always be custom-tailored to you.

Those who know me well know how much I delight in role-play. Role-play sessions bring out my playful side! It also enables me to explore the thoughts, feels, urges, desires, and behaviors of someone totally different from me. Dressing up will do that to most of us, I believe. My collection of role-play costumes includes, but is not limited to: doctor/patient, therapist, schoolgirl/teacher, 1950s housewife, boss/secretary, guard/prisoner, Greek goddess, and on and on…

Chicago Illusions is where I have explored, experimented, transformed, and transcended, and with my guidance this incredible place will do the same for you as well. I know this dungeon like the back of my hand. Tell me one fantasy of yours, one secret that no one knows…and I will have a hundred ways for us to explore it together in this space. I’m not afraid of trying new things. I’m not ashamed of who I am or what I want to feel and experience and see. Within our time together, you will get to join me in this feeling of utter acceptance of yourself and your thoughts and desires.

I believe BDSM is based on a foundation of mutual trust: an ironclad agreement between those consenting to a shared experience. Within this agreement is where play happens. The incredible exchange of power, overwhelming experience of pain that becomes pleasure and pleasure that becomes torture, and so on… This level of sensory experience simply cannot and does not exist outside of that foundation of trust; the depth of trust that the BDSM Lifestyle is built on and that creates the sole environment where that unique depth of experience is possible.

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Miss Reyna's Schedule:
Monday: 9:00am-Midnight Tuesday: 4:30pm-Midnight
Wednesday: 4:30pm-Midnight
Thursday: 9:00am-4:30pm
Sunday: 11am-7pm

*Fridays & Saturday by appointment only—call to reserve Miss Reyna’s time by special request! *

Miss Reyna’s Kinks:

  • Beginners introduction to BDSM sessions

  • submissive training

  • Couples sessions

  • Bondage

  • Body worship

  • Spanking

  • Urethral Sounding

  • Feminization / Crossdressing

  • Role-play (custom scenes by request)

  • 1950s housewife role-play (read more here)

  • DDlg Fantasy

  • Electrical Stimulation & Torture

  • Corruption

  • Humiliation

  • CBT

  • Slave training (domestic servitude, human furniture, and more)

  • Edge play (breath play, urethral sounding, needle play, branding, etc.)

  • Smoking fetish

  • Confession sessions

  • And much more...

If you don’t see your particular kink or area of interest on this list, do not worry; my appetite for new play partners is insatiable, and I will always be passionate about being your guide into the unknown!


Call Miss Reyna: 773-871-6860
Email Miss Reyna:
MissReyna@ChicagoIllusions.com or fill out the contact form below

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