Miss Krista


Miss Krista

Female supremacy is the natural order of life. Embrace it. 

The allure of my feminine aura will captivate your mind and body from the moment you are graced with my warm, calming presence. Senses will be heightened and limits will be pushed as you are engulfed by the discovery of my sensual yet powerful dominance. My sweet seduction will leave you craving more. My smile will warm your soul and inspire you to keep me pleased. If served correctly, my warmth will grow into a fiery passion that will flow like my long red hair. Serving me will bring lucidity to your world. You will submit yourself to my gentle but commanding aura and surrender yourself to my captivating beauty.

There is more to me than meets the eye. A classic beauty, my smile and sparkling eyes will disarm you. Within me, however, is a passion and craving for more. Seeing my submissive in a state of pure physical and emotional vulnerability excites and arouses me. I love exploring fetish and playing out scenes with different role play scenarios. (The more taboo, the better.) I want to get lost in how wrong the scene is. I want to sink so far in head space with you we both are taken back. I want you to experience torment without being physically touched. I enjoy giving you senses the awaking they need...the discipline you have been searching for with that firm spanking we all secretly crave.  

Together, we will act out the ultimate fantasy, get lost in reality and discover your true desires, transforming you into that person you have always wanted to become. Experiencing the transfer of power, whether while serving my seductive wills or engaging with me when I am feeling playful and in the mood to switch, will bring order to your world, and being owned by me will bring you peace. Indulge in moments with me that will be cherished forever.

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Miss Krista’s Kinks:

  • Spanking 

  • Caning 

  • Body Worship (if you are deemed worthy) 

  • Taboo Role play 

  • Smoking fetish 

  • Wax play 

  • Forced feminization

  • Hypnosis Play

  • Trampling (specialty in egos)  

  • Switch Play 

    …and more.

Monday: 4:30pm-Midnight
Tuesday: 9:00am-Midnight
Friday: 4:30pm-Midnight
Every other Saturday: 9:00am-Midnight

Call Miss Krista: 773-777-0555

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