The chicago dungeon

Where your fantasies

become reality...


Since August of 1992, we have been Chicago's premier BDSM Lifestyle Dungeon, operating in a four-story facility in the same discreet location just outside of the downtown area.

We prioritize your safety and discretion, ensuring secure and satisfying experiences based on your personal fantasies. We assure any of our guests - your discretion is our priority. There is no repercussion for play, only the pleasure of exploring your deepest desires knowing your fantasies and secrets are safe with us.

With a dozen BDSM themed rooms and a fully-equipped facility, the possibilities of exploring all elements of BDSM, including domination, submission, fetishes, feminization and fantasy role-play, are endless in our beautiful Chicago dungeon. Our rooms even include a fully-functional spa for transformations and make-overs as well as four closets filled with clothing, lingerie and shoes to model. We love having fun with those seeking a transformation or any form of exploration with a talented Chicago Dominatrix.

Your fantasy is our mission, and we aim to cater each experience to your particular needs and desires.

Join us for some fun. Come experience what freedom feels like.

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