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Slave Training: Preparing to test a new submissive

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A new potential slave is on his way in to be considered for training. As I enter the room to start preparing, I feel an instant rush of excitement. The pleasure I get from testing and exploring a new submissive is indescribable. I take a moment to let the feeling wash over me as my body tingles with anticipation and my mind wanders through the endless possibilities. Then I hear a light knock at the door. My well trained submissive is right on time to assist. I command her to enter, sitting back upon my throne as she silently and ever so gracefully approaches. I gaze upon her with pride, making note of her perfect posture. Every carefully calculated movement looks fluid and natural. She will make a great example of what I expect from my slaves. I love to give new slaves a challenge, something to strive for. Besides, it's extremely satisfying to bind two slaves together to share in the blissful agony of my torment. They feed off of each other, pushing each other further. And what beautiful music they make as their screams and moans echo off each other in perfect harmony. I bring my attention back to the task at hand as my submissive finishes setting up the room. I send her down to get my new prospect as I look around, allowing my mind to wander back to the journey I am about to take. I can't wait to discover this new slaves true potential and begin our next thrilling

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~Head Mistress Scarlet~


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