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Bound by Love: Chapter 5 - The Next Step


She stood up after one big breath.  She needed to think, to breathe.  There were still a few sips left of her wine, and with Louie's eyes still covered, she felt the pressure she had put on herself for having that wave of confidence. However, she knew that she secretly wanted this too - perhaps just as much as he did or more.  There was too much of their personal lives tied to their loft and she didn't know yet how she could get herself into the right head space and environment to actually manifest this into an erotic experience and not just one that came together by an amateur, which she knew she was. 

She had been pacing a little bit, the blindfold was still wrapped around his head, and she could feel him wondering what she would do - what would happen next.  It was in that instance that she felt the lightbulb go on inside her head.  She knew of a place, deep in the heart of downtown that she would take him to.  She had never set foot in the underground before, yet she knew this was her only opportunity to make this happen.  The next puzzle she was left to figure out was how to get him there.  She knew that they were both in this together no matter what, so to comfort him and remind herself that this was her lover she was playing with, she walked back over to him and kissed him on the top of the head, while lightly gracing her hand across his face.  

"Good!" she exclaimed. 

She could feel him sink deeper and the energy was back.  She hadn't ever known him to be so quiet unless they were making love, and even then their moans often disrupted the neighbors.

"I'm going to take you somewhere.  Somewhere else where we can play and be safe. I will train you to be my slave and you will honor and obey everything I say.  First, get up." 

Luckily, their flat's car garage was located in the same building, downstairs in the basement and they needed to get there, without anything noticing.  She immediately took off the scarf that was tied around her neck and placed it around his, in the form of a collar and leash in one.  She had her pet, her lover right where he wanted and she felt powerful. 

Hopefully, the Underground Dungeon welcomes us, she thought to herself.

“Isabelle, what are you doing?" It was the first time he had called her by her name all night.

"My love," she replied, “I'm making your dreams come true.” The confidence assured him that she was all in, though he knew that it would still be very important to help guide her because she was taking on a role he had been craving over the last ten years.

Isabelle positioned herself back in front of Louie, which was a nickname that had stuck with Louis Francois for most of his life. Louie was the only living soul from the royal family that had brought peace to London ninety years prior.  She knew there was no turning back. This was becoming the most exciting night of her life, and she wanted to prove to herself that she was able to let go, to be this vulnerable and to dive into this respected Lifestyle with which he was so infatuated.

At this point, her attention was brought back to the night she spent reading in the library, realizing she was going to be a Dominatrix for the man seated in front of her this night in their London flat.  The decision regarding how to refer to her lover was up to her.  She had three options, which were now or never going to be the basis upon which the evening would play out...

First, Louie could simply be her submissive.  As a submissive, she would have complete control over him, as she clearly already did. It was, she understood, a control that he gave to her on his own will.  She would hold power over him and he would take pure pleasure in this exchange.  What would happen this night was still a mystery, but as she very well understood, establishing clear characters and distinctions in their role play was an important part of the evening and clearly a very big part of the BDSM Lifestyle.  She appreciated this because form and order were very significant in her upbringing and this appreciation of structure was what had brought her so much attention and popularity over the years in her career as a high-end fashion designer and artistic director.

Option 2.  Louie could become her pet. This character would be more playful, in her opinion, yet at the same time becomes less human, in a sense.  As her pet, he would be a toy she would have at her disposal. Of course, training would be involved because she would have to command him to do things. Her photographic memory suddenly flashed with human pets wearing collars and face masks, crawling around. The Dominatrixes in her mind were wearing mostly corsets – all visions suggesting strong women that you wouldn't see walking down the sidewalks every day. They intrigued her in many ways. It wasn't common to see women show no fear, total power and a beauty so original it was almost antique.

Isabelle suddenly feared that she could not handle a type of scene like this, yet just at that moment, she heard the voice of her lover in the background.  "Princess, I want to be your Slave."  She swallowed hard. Luckily his eyes were covered, because the look she felt draw upon her face betrayed a lack of conviction and relentlessness she recognized in the women she was fantasizing about.

"What did I get myself into," she thought…


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