Delve into the minds of our Ladies...

The New Chicago Sissy Maid


By Miss Anonymous

You may imagine the endless fantasy that occurs in a multi-level dungeon, I can barely realize it myself at times. Sometimes I walk these halls, letting my fingers trace delicately along the walls, my heels softly clicking with precision. I feel the dynamic energy that pulses throughout this haven. I breathe deeply the perfumed air, and take in the candle-lit sights. The firelight bouncing and reflecting on metal, leather and wood delights my senses. Often times I wear my harness as I wander throughout this sanctuary of fantasy and illusion. It hugs my thighs and waist tightly, and reminds me constantly of the power that burns within me.

As I approach the next doorway, I hear subtle moaning. I press myself against the door, already knowing that the newest sissy maid is deep in the throes of his training. I let myself in, knowing full well that it is my right. He must make himself available to me, and to all of the powerful Mistresses that walk these halls. He is bent over the spanking bench, blindfolded and unaware that I have entered. My fellow Mistress greets me with an intoxicating smile and beckons me closer. I can’t help but tighten the straps that hug my thighs as I approach, subconsciously preparing to take what is mine. I trace my fingernails along the frilly panties that hug his red hot bottom, and he shudders beneath me. A surge of power fills me as I look upon him. He is completely unaware that his training has been made public, and in fact we have never met. I circle around to his front and lean close to his ear.

“Hello pet.” I whisper.

He gasps and raises his head, but catches his tongue before speaking. I watch as the humiliation washes over him. He does not recognize my voice, and realizes he is splayed and vulnerable to perfect strangers. I watch as he grapples with this fact, studying his body language, watching him slowly internalize the fact that he is but a plaything for us. My fellow Mistress raises her hand and lands a satisfying *CLAP* onto his bottom, shocking him back into corporeal delight. He is entranced yet again, and even deeper into submission now. So deep that he does not notice the clicking of heels as the remaining Mistresses enter the room...