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Bound by Love: Chapter 2 - I Dare You


She was sipping on a glass of wine by the time he returned, holding what looked to be another mask, a riding crop and leather handcuffs. She was not naive to these objects because she had been inquiring for months about his fantasies, which she knew little about and only after constant questioning had he shared the term 'BDSM' with her. Of course, she didn't just jump online to read more. They were, of course, living in London, home to some of the most exquisite dungeons in the world. No, she went to a famous library and found her curiosities peaking the more she learned about the ancient, sacred ritual explorations this world had to show her.

Much to his surprise, he was actually nervous in a way he wasn't expecting. The queen-like woman that sat in his armchair had a vibrant light -- like an energy force around her that seemed to glow brighter and bigger than ever before. She was giving him more permission than she realized to fully awaken what he knew was his deepest self, and he could only think of how lucky he was to have her, forever. The closer he got, the more balanced the atmosphere became; his nerves blending with her secret, self-educated confidence turned into what would next become a night neither would ever forget.

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