Delve into the minds of our Ladies...

Dear Submissive Man,


You come to me on bended knees and you look up at me with so much written on your face. You're kneeling there in front of me asking, wordlessly, for what you need. You need a guide free of judgement. You need a leader free of corruption. You need a Goddess. You need compassion, understanding, strength, structure, discipline. You need answers. You're a seeker, and you always have been. You're lost without a strong, compassionate leader, and you may find that leader and, therefore, your inner peace in me.

When you first arrive, I see the way the world has crushed your spirit, telling you that you have to speak and act in a way that is totally unnatural to you. I see the pressure you are under to perform your manliness = by domineering, posturing, fronting. Because I see all of this, you who can transcend those expectations and find your way to my feet have my utmost respect and adoration.

When you look up at me with all this in your eyes, I feel my purpose rising from the pit of my stomach into my chest. I am overwhelmed with love for you and, at that moment, I devote myself to your training. You are not just any submissive, you are my submissive.

Can you feel it? Can you feel our bond beginning, growing, and blossoming? I can see that you can. You have tears in your eyes. You can feel my love and you can feel that it's real. You feel my desire, and the look on your face and the words on your lips now tell me how badly you want to please me and how badly you yearn to satiate my desire.

My submissive man, comfortable and secure in your submissive identity... your desire to please me, a powerful and Dominant woman, and to be used by me and maybe even some day be owned by me... You cast off society's ideals and choose to follow your own. I recognize this as incredibly brave and as truly making you worthy of serving a Mistress.

You, my submissive man, know the natural power that women possess. You recognize what is to be gained by embracing your submissive self. You feel the power emanating from a woman like me and you yearn to be cast in its glow.

You are stronger than most; willing to take the direction or pain or humiliation you need to achieve your truest moments of existence. Your state of submission.

My submissive man: you are treasured here.


Miss Reyna


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