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Toilet Slave Training - Blessings From My Body


By Miss Anonymous

You exist for My pleasure. You understand this, because you receive all of your nutrition from Me, My toilet-in-training. My obedient, full toilet—you are blessed by receiving such gifts from Me. Everything I produce is a manifestation of My Superiority. You should be lucky enough to approach, let alone consume what I create. Beneath your Goddess in Her splendor, you are one of the few allowed to subsist on My effluence. You consume nothing but what I feed you, and you feed often. Come to Me, My toilet, and feed from Me. Lay below Me and be showered with my nectar, feed from the earth of My being. I am your Bread, I am your Water, you approach true submission beneath Me. There is nothing I give that you will not receive. You accept it all with sublime submission. You know nothing else but service while beneath Me. This is your peace, this is your sustenance, this is your destiny. Service to a Goddess is your sole purpose. You are My property, and I do with you as I please. I will mark you, I will claim every cell of your being inside and out. You are a slave to My taste.