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Bound by Love: Chapter 3 - Just One Wish

He was standing right over her, her knees were crossed and she had only a few sips left of the red wine he had poured her before.  She knew this was about him opening up about his fantasies, and that she had told herself that she would be open to whatever he had in store for the evening, yet there was something that had shifted in the last few moments.  She could sense that he was nervous.  She felt that the confidence he usually had on a day to day basis was replaced with an anxious feeling she only saw in him once, before they attended his only living uncles funeral two years prior.  

The time and anticipation for this night had been manifesting for months now and now, as they were both waiting for what would and could happen next, she did something that she never saw coming.  Sit, she claimed.  "What, he thought to himself?" This wasn't what was supposed to happen was the next sentence that came to his mind. But before he had time to process any further worthless thoughts, he did as he was told.  To her surprise, there he was, sitting on his knees with his head facing forward.  She could tell because she knew this man so well that he didn't want to show anymore of his nervousness nor his embarrassment to fulfill his fantasy and step forward to make the move they were both waiting for, she before she could decide what she actually might continue to play into, she whispered softly into his ear, "I love you."  She mirrored his position, getting herself on her knees as well directly in front of him.

The energy in the room was more calming for them both.  Neither had wanted to show any signs that they were displeased or suggest anything in the negative sense, so, they just let their curiosity and undying trust they had built for each other, guide them.  They sat in front of each other gazing deeply into their eyes.  His were blue and hers were green.  Her long burgundy-red hair flowed in curettes as it hung down across her black dress.  He was dressed in a white-buttoned down dress shirt and wore a tie.  She was immediately taken back to the time they traveled to Asia.  It had been her dream to travel East and during their trip, they ate on the floor with many indigenous families.  There was something beautiful she found about hat time, sitting on the ground, she was closer to earth, for these home were not floored with marble or carpet but dust and rugs on mud.  Instantly she was back, and her hands found themselves on his tie. She tied that knot for him earlier this morning and now here she was, taking it off.  He shuttered his body a little bit, as her hands softly graced his neck.  She was breathing heavily and without a doubt, he knew before she did what would happen next.  It was clear, very clear to him how this power exchange had organically taken a different route than both were expecting.

She was now in control of him, and without him understanding why, he wanted this.  She may not have known the power he was willing to give her, yet everything was happening for a reason and he couldn't of been more pleased to see her take control.  His focus was now onto identifying whether or not she could stick to the role-play and fantasy-like play he felt she was maybe more educated on they she shared, or whether she was merely taking his tie of- as a simple gesture like anyone who cared for another would.


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