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Bound by Love: Chapter 1 - A Midnight Fire


He guided her up the stairs after retrieving her from the limo that pulled up to his estate that Sunday evening. She had been instructed to dress in the long, white satin dress that was delivered to her London flat earlier that day. As she escalated the two flights of stairs with her lover, the excitement between her legs began, as her heart was thumping extra fast. He was dressed in a black tux, having just returned in his private jet from a business meeting overseas. He was without a doubt ecstatic that the delicate beauty holding his hand had agreed to begin exploring his dark & fantasy-like dreams he had had for most of his adult life.  

All she knew was that he had a particular interest in masks, which she was also wearing -- it resembled that of which one would be found wearing at a masquerade, detailed with white pearls, sequins and feathers. He also expressed that his fondness for taking their relationship to the next level was in part due to the idea of role-playing, which could only exist with the presence of ultimate trust and honest communication. Their commitment and love to each other had already been unmatched by any other relationship either had had before, so both were willing to build on their beautiful life by exploring a more deep and mysterious chapter that each had been anticipating to start for over two months now.


To be continued...


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