Feminization & Cross-Dressing


At Illusions, we create a world where your fantasies become reality. Join us for a transformational make-over, a relaxing spa day, a fashion show, even a sexy strip tease lesson or an afternoon with the Ladies to gossip and trade secrets over a manicure, pedicure, tea party, dance party - wherever and whatever your imagination takes you.

We love transformations, cross-dressing, make-overs and exploring anything and everything to help you bring out the beautiful woman inside. 

With four closets filled with clothing, shoes and lingerie for you to try on, a varied array of wigs, make-up products and a fully-equipped spa, we are here to help you find your inner beauty, to express your true self, to feminize, to "sexify" and guide you towards feeling truly safe and comfortable in who you are and who you want to be. 

Come be yourself with us.